is not

paint by numbers

Websites &
SEO campaigns,
designed specifically
for you.

Capture prospects

with tailored

The world is full of variety.
There’s no such thing as one-size fits all.

At Catchworks we don’t believe that businesses should settle for run of the mill websites and marketing campaigns. An investment in an SEO agency should be exactly that, it should have a tangible ROI.
We capitalise on opportunities and deliver small agency flexibility with big agency skillsets.


We want to remember every marketing campaign we work on, and be proud of the impact they have on businesses, teams and society.

We stand for flexibility & creativity

‘An extension of your team’. Overused and rarely implemented. We’re changing that.

We stand for performance

Make a difference. Build something exceptional. Mediocrity is….mediocrity.

We stand for that sense of pride

Work on something that has impact. It may be on a business, on its teams or preferably, on society.
Be proud of your work.

trusted by our clients

Search led
& design

Catchworks is an SEO agency first and foremost.

Our clients are able to harness the flow of organic searches from prospects through identified buying funnels. In order to succeed in converting we couple our SEO expertise with conversion-led website design. Sprinkle Google Ads for more immediate results and data for a winning combination.

A team of

All of our team members are specialised and experienced experts. We are here to deliver the expertise that you need in a succinct manner, not to increase our billable hours.

We've all been there. Sat in a meeting where half of the people present don't contribute. For clients this often means paying for additional billable hours, hours for juniors that don't contribute.

We don't believe in inflated billable hours. We believe in delivering high quality work that delivers the highest impact. We work with our clients' internal resources, rather than look to replace them. The team we put together for you is based around impact. If that impacts needs one experienced person over 3 less experienced individuals, then you'll get that one person. Small, skillfull teams.

Information for everyone

Gone are the days of secretive SEO. We believe that information needs to be shared to achieve true partnerships. We’re a service provider, we’re an SEO agency, but we’re also educators. We want clients to learn from us and we want to learn from clients.

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