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An agency built for flexibility without compromising performance.


Change the agency model to suit modern work practices & deliver specialist, performance based expertise.

The agency model isn’t necessarily broken, it’s just inefficient.
Agency teams embrace technology like no other industry. Many thrive on independence and their own self-drive but are lost as freelancers.
Clients want high levels of expertise, the delivery of consistent results and a personal touch.
Catchworks was created to fight for both sides. We’re all moving in the right direction, towards the same goal, but in a roundabout way.

Why not combine the project management necessary for efficient campaigns & projects with a network of vetted, highly skilled and most importantly, dedicated freelancers? That’s our model. A London office with a core team ensuring a personal touch, supplemented by big agency expertise brought in when it counts. No more paying for free beer, ball pits and pizza Fridays.


It’s not for everyone.
Though when the time comes, you’ll never go back.

Catchworks was founded on the basis of accountability. This sits at the centre of what we do. Each team member has full accountability within their tasks and provides full transparency with regards to progress. Couple this with unparalleled levels of specialist expertise and it results in our clients accessing a far higher level of performance throughout.

As we say, it’s not for everyone. We expect our clients to push us and to be happy when we push them. We all agree to commit to the goals and to achieve them within specific timeframes. Without the accountability, none of this works. But it’s present in everything we do, so it does work.
It works very well indeed. You should try it.


We all want ownership.
We all want freedom.
We all need purpose.


Our number one priority is the creation of highly specialised teams, capable of delivery unrivalled performance at acceptable price points.
This means providing access to a network of experts with full accountability and transparency. This means no more paying for 2 Directors to ‘oversee’ a meeting. This means combining pay as you go flexibility, with retainer level costs.


Our second priority is our team. The digital marketing industry is fascinating. It attracts a wide variety of individuals. But we search for a specific type. We only fill our teams with those searching for ownership, freedom and purpose. Catchworks gives them the ability to fulfil all three, it is up to them to fill in the gaps. They’re the type of people we want, and the types of people that our clients need.

Search is powerful.
We harness it.

The world is fuelled by an ability to search for anything, instantly. As consumers we take for granted how this affects our lives. As an agency though, it creates incredible potential. Searches that are relevant to your brand are occurring on a daily basis, and will continue. We start with that concept and roll it out into conversion based web design, SEO and paid search, enabling our clients to capture these searchers.

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